Glow in the dark road unveiled in the Netherlands

glow in the dark road

I’m not in favor of turning off all the streetlights but I like the idea of glow in the dark lines to help people see the lanes better. This could be particularly useful in highlighting the outside edge of the road in mountainous areas that have steep drop offs or rural areas that have no streetlights.

How Public Spaces Make Cities Work (TED talk)

Amanda Burden was the NY chief city planner. In this talk she discusses the importance of good public spaces and methods to achieve it. It turns out, people attract other people and we like to be comfortable. I really enjoyed the parks I visited in NYC so it was interesting to learn about the planning that makes them sucessful. OKC learned with the first MAPS project and the transformation of Bricktown, public investment can lead to private investment and a thriving city (or neighborhood).

Street changes transform Automobile Alley (from


No kidding!!! I was totally shocked this morning when I drove down Broadway. I have to say, I liked it! It feels less like a freeway now, maybe this will slow people down a little. It makes Broadway feel like a place to be rather than a place to fly past on the way to some other destination. I’m looking forward to trying the new street out on foot to see how it feels as a pedestrian.